[erlang-questions] Making your own behaviours

Gunilla Arendt <>
Wed Oct 4 13:45:52 CEST 2006

There is a part about user-defined behaviors in the chapter
"Sys and Proc_Lib" in OTP Design Principles in the Erlang/OTP

/ Gunilla

netboz wrote:
> Hi,
> Still looking how have some kind of "ressources permissions" at a "process
> level" into a node.
> Well if only I could write my own behaviours, I'm almost sure there is a
> solution in this direction.
> But, I can't find any documentation about writing behaviours, I remember
> seeing something about it
> some time ago, but not anymore.
> Could anyone tell me where I could find such kind of documentation, I'll
> have a look to supervisor souce code
> meanwhile.
> Thanks,

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