[erlang-questions] CEAN 1.0 beta available

Torbjorn Tornkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Mon Nov 27 09:53:57 CET 2006

Excellente !!

And here is a short session showing how to quickly deploy Yaws.

cean # ./start.sh
Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.5.2 [source] [async-threads:0] [hipe] 

Eshell V5.5.2  (abort with ^G)
1> cean:install(yaws).
+ compiler 
+ fd_server 
+ inets md5=<<19,105,15,109,40,101,51,109,135,112,237,103,3,222,24,177>>
+ mnesia md5=<<148,166,102,84,120,129,104,128,77,254,79,176,144,36,61,138>>
+ ssl md5=<<177,107,178,165,217,252,116,88,130,146,29,132,216,7,109,65>>
+ tools md5=<<192,165,89,32,255,13,131,179,97,92,37,255,139,20,171,179>>
+ xmerl md5=<<162,71,177,169,168,89,150,167,41,136,16,142,95,229,185,226>>
+ xmlrpc md5=<<221,141,193,136,115,42,102,157,76,121,251,167,2,255,64,47>>
+ yaws md5=<<"\b??+????\b?\tdW?Le">>

2> file:make_dir("/tmp/abc").

3> file:write_file("/tmp/abc/index.yaws", <<"hello world">>).

4> inet:i().
Port Module Recv Sent Owner Local Address Foreign Address State
Port Module Recv Sent Owner Local Address Foreign Address State


6> SL=[{port,8000},{dir_listings, true},{flags,[{access_log,false}]}].

7> yaws:start_embedded("/tmp/abc", SL, GL).

=INFO REPORT==== 27-Nov-2006::09:44:05 ===
Yaws: Listening to for servers
  - http://localhost:8000 under /tmp/abc

8> inet:i().
Port Module   Recv Sent Owner    Local Address  Foreign Address State
87   inet_tcp 0    0    <0.49.0> localhost:8000 *:*            ACCEPTING
Port Module Recv Sent Owner Local Address Foreign Address State

Now, point your browser to: http://localhost:8000/

Cheers, Tobbe
(nb: you also got mnesia,ssl,xmerl,xmlrpc,fd_server...etc...very nice!

Christophe Romain wrote:
> Hello
> The Comprehensive Erlang Archive Network is available for testing.
> CEAN aims to be a central place to find erlang packaged code.
> It now includes 193 binary packages, available for 17 platforms,  
> using R11B-2.
> Packages are installed using erlang command line: administration is  
> the same regardless of the host system. Multi-host shared  
> installation is possible: you can build your USB key running your  
> Erlang application on windows, mac, linux using REPOS repository.
> All information is on web site http://cean.process-one.net
> We are actually working on:
> 	- packages classification into categories (if you have any  
> suggestion, you're welcome).
> 	- package finder improvement (keywords combination, usage of  
> description, etc...)
> 	- debian packages generation
> We did not test the whole repository, some packages may be broken.  
> Any help would be appreciated !
> 	- package description checking
> 	- package testing
> 	- finding missing packages
> A build script is almost ready to allow people to build archives from  
> a package description file. Then, archives could be integrated to CEAN.
> This will be released on the site at http://cean.process-one.net/ 
> contrib/ as soon as tests and documentation will be finished.
> Known issue:
> ejabberd available only on MacOS X, Linux x86, Windows
> erl_cgi available only on MacOS X PowerPC, Linux x86
> gtkNode available only on MacOS X PowerPC, Linux x86
> OpenBSD-x86 and SunOS-Sparc are available with R11B-0 in production  
> distribution only
> Best Regards.

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