[erlang-questions] CEAN 1.0 beta available

Christophe Romain christophe.romain@REDACTED
Sat Nov 25 11:24:34 CET 2006


The Comprehensive Erlang Archive Network is available for testing.
CEAN aims to be a central place to find erlang packaged code.

It now includes 193 binary packages, available for 17 platforms,  
using R11B-2.
Packages are installed using erlang command line: administration is  
the same regardless of the host system. Multi-host shared  
installation is possible: you can build your USB key running your  
Erlang application on windows, mac, linux using REPOS repository.

All information is on web site http://cean.process-one.net

We are actually working on:
	- packages classification into categories (if you have any  
suggestion, you're welcome).
	- package finder improvement (keywords combination, usage of  
description, etc...)
	- debian packages generation

We did not test the whole repository, some packages may be broken.  
Any help would be appreciated !
	- package description checking
	- package testing
	- finding missing packages

A build script is almost ready to allow people to build archives from  
a package description file. Then, archives could be integrated to CEAN.
This will be released on the site at http://cean.process-one.net/ 
contrib/ as soon as tests and documentation will be finished.

Known issue:
ejabberd available only on MacOS X, Linux x86, Windows
erl_cgi available only on MacOS X PowerPC, Linux x86
gtkNode available only on MacOS X PowerPC, Linux x86
OpenBSD-x86 and SunOS-Sparc are available with R11B-0 in production  
distribution only

Best Regards.

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