[erlang-questions] Coloring variable bindings to lessen ambiguity.

Vlad Dumitrescu vladdu55@REDACTED
Thu Nov 16 12:03:48 CET 2006


On 11/16/06, Henri Tuhola <henri.tuhola@REDACTED> wrote:
> There are few ways to solve this problem, I think that coloring the
> first occurrence of variable in scope by color editor would solve it all
> without any changes into the language!
> It'd require the text editor to understand the language scope, how hard
> this can be?

I guess it depends what editor we are talking about :-) VIM (and the
like) can't handle this. Emacs and Erlide could.

I would guess that it wouldn't be too difficult to add support for
this in ESense (because it already has a lot of nifty ways to
understand the code). Starting from scratch is probably not worth it
unless one has a broader goal in view.

In Erlide it would be relatively easy to add such a finesse. The only
issue is that such "semantic highlights" should be handled separately
from the regular highlighting and thus have to be plugged in somehow.

If you would like to add this as a feature request for erlide (go to
I will definitely look at it but I can't promise any time frame (or
maybe there are other takers?)

best regards,

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