[erlang-questions] Exceptions vs Tagged Values

Mats Cronqvist mats.cronqvist@REDACTED
Wed Nov 15 12:18:59 CET 2006

Chandru wrote:
> What would be nice though is for the programmer to be able to specify what
> additional information should be included in an exception should a match
> expression fail. At the moment, we get a badmatch exception which is not
> very useful when you want to report exactly what went wrong. Here is some
> pseudo code to illustrate my point.

   isn't this just because file:open/2 (and many other lib functions) has such 
crappy error reporting?  if it returned, say,
   you could just toss the {badmatch,{error,}} cruft and be happy.


p.s. it throwing {error_opening,FileName,no_permission} would of course be even 
better :>

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