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Pupeno pupeno@REDACTED
Wed Nov 15 07:16:16 CET 2006

I have what I would call an application or program (from the Linux point of 
view) written in Erlang. It is also an Erlang application [1]. I can start 
and stop my app just fine from the Erlang prompt but people don't live in 
Erlang prompts and the init scripts of most OSs expects an actual program 
in /usr/bin or similar and not just an Erlang function.
That means I ended up writing a script[2] to wrap the Erlang function into 
something that is friendly with the OS. That means the script ended having a 
configuration file[3] which means the script[2] has to be processed with 
sed[4] to perform some string replacements[5].
Isn't there a better alternative ? this really, really sucks.
Pupeno <pupeno@REDACTED> (http://pupeno.com)

[1] Some Erlang applications are also just libs from a Linux point of view.
[2] http://software.pupeno.com/FanterlasticFour/scripts/fanterlasticfour.sh
[3] http://software.pupeno.com/FanterlasticFour/configs/fanterlasticfour.sh
[4] line 8 on http://software.pupeno.com/FanterlasticFour/scripts/Makefile.am
[5] line 23 on the script[2]
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