[erlang-questions] Simple multi-case

datacompboy datacompboy@REDACTED
Mon Nov 13 06:41:37 CET 2006

>> Since there more than one call, but too small code to move it
>> into separate fun.

> There is no such thing as code that is too small to move into a separate function.

separate function -- more chars to type, and code far from table itself.
separate function is not a problem to speed of runtime, but that problem for development speed.  I need at least create new function name, that must contain info about "what doing here", but not "how it doing that", since after some changes name will be wrong...

Cascade CASEs better, than just copy code, and better than separate function for short results. As for now, its my decision:)

But may be in future, parse transform. But far, future....
--- suicide proc near\n call death\n suicide endp
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