[erlang-questions] problem with global registration

Garry Hodgson garry@REDACTED
Tue Nov 7 20:52:12 CET 2006

"Ulf Wiger \(TN/EAB\)" <ulf.wiger@REDACTED> wrote:

> Make sure your nodes have a chance to connect
> before running debugctrl().
> Global will not synchronize the global registry 
> until the nodes have connected. Before that, 
> your name lookup will fail, unless the globally
> registered process is running in the same node
> as the caller.
> A single message to the other node, or an rpc:call()
> will do.

that did it:

    Eshell V5.3.6.3  (abort with ^G)
    (debug@REDACTED)2> net_adm:ping( 'fathom@REDACTED' ).
    (debug@REDACTED)3> master:debugctrl( ["on"] ).


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