[erlang-questions] Package Support/Use

Richard A. O'Keefe ok@REDACTED
Mon Nov 6 03:45:06 CET 2006

"James Hague" <james.hague@REDACTED> wrote:
	The difference is that packages exist right now and are in the OTP
	distribution.  They're just still flagged as experimental.  Abstract
	patterns and structs stopped at the written description phases.

I am one person.  I am paid to do other things.  If anyone wanted to
fund me to spend some time implementing either or both, I'd love to do that.
Right now I really ought to be marking assignments, sigh.

Someone has already mentioned Eiffel's LACE, which solves the module (class)
name clash problem from the outside.  LACE is a nice idea, and the reified
module name spaces I mentioned are partly inspired by LACE and partly by
Obliq and partly by a declarative configuration language for Mesa developed
at Xerox.  And it's not entirely unlike SASL.

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