[erlang-questions] 2 questions

Vlad Dumitrescu vladdu55@REDACTED
Thu Nov 2 09:35:37 CET 2006


On 11/2/06, Nils Müllner <nils.muellner@REDACTED> wrote:
>     1: is there a standard ide? currently i use erlide plugin for
> eclipse, but i don't find the debugger implemented in there...

The standard IDE is still Emacs. We're working on erlide, but there's
still a lot to do. The debugger is the next big feature that we are
targeting, but I can't give a time estimate now.

>     2: as i have to import every module i'd like to use, i wanted to
> ask, if there is a nice way to browse one folder for possible modules,
> list them and then let the user choose one without the need to import
> them all. reason: of my program is extended later, it would be nice to
> be able to write modules that are automatically detected.

I'm not sure what you mean. One doesn't *have* to import any module,
just use Module:Function(). The only thing importing does is let you
write less text (i.e. just Function()), at the price of having to
worry about function name clashes.

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