[erlang-questions] Checking the Connection

Kithsiri kithsiri@REDACTED
Thu Nov 2 08:32:59 CET 2006

Christian S wrote:
> There is erlang:monitor_node(Node, Flag)
> I dont know how often and what ping time erlang distribution uses to
> classify a node as alive or down.
Hi all,
    Thanks for replies. But I have a Java API which connect to a remote 
Erlang node through a VPN. I created a Erlang node in Java API
             OtpNode node = new OtpNode("gurka");  (Erlang documentation 
- jinterface) 
 and I want to get the state of the VPN connection quickly.
 If the VPN connection is present
            node.ping("remote",2000) (Erlang documentation - jinterface) 
 will give response (true) quickly. If connection is down  it should 
give response (false) within 2 seconds. But the problem is it hangs 
around 1 minute to give response.   But I need to know the state of the 
connection within few seconds from a java node. Now I think you all 
understand my question.
 Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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