Announcing Dryverl: an Erlang-to-C binding compiler

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Mon May 29 10:59:32 CEST 2006

On 5/29/06, Romain Lenglet <> wrote:
> s/XSLT/XML Schema/

Right! :-)

> > Note: the C language isn't context-free either and yacc
> > grammars can handle it. The semantic checking has only to be
> > moved as a separate step after the parsing. I agree it's not
> > very nice, but it works.
> That was my point against some of ROK's statements: using XML
> Schema, you can express semantic rules that are checked by the
> parser.

True, but I think the issue is to balance making life easy for the
*Dryverl developers* by using a more powerful tool instead of using
one and having to write another one (the semantic analyzer) at the
expense of a much more verbose and harder to read/write language to be
used by *driver developers*.

I don't know if that's what Richard was aiming at, but my belief is
that a tool should make life easier foremost for the end users.
Otherwise they won't use it...


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