distributing .beam files/upgrading client software

Gaspar Chilingarov <>
Sat May 27 23:36:40 CEST 2006

Hi all!

If this questions have documented answers - just please say what and
where to rtfm :)

Are there any more-or-less standard way to distribute .beam files to
multiple hosts ? I'm mainly interested of some, say, autoupgrade
feature, which will allow upgrade user software without disturbing users
and when developer wishes and not when user upgrades.

Beam files are quite small and can be easily downloaded to clients which
makes erlang perfect for such kind of tasks, IMHO - so users are not
forced to download large executable files every time.

I do NOT speak about upgrading code - because I'm running non-critical
application , which clients may be restarted without any problems.

Another issue which interests me is now to strip this options

from module and thus from module_info() output?
compiler.erl (or something near it) should be modified?

Are there way to distribute gzipped beam files - as far I looked on zlib
driver - it have hooks to load gzipped files - but how the should be

Thanks in advance.

Gaspar Chilingarov

System Administrator,
Network security consulting

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