SWIG, Re: Language Bindings for Erlang

Gerd Flaig <>
Sat May 27 13:25:27 CEST 2006

Romain Lenglet <> writes:

>> An Erlang add-on to SWIG would be nice... 
>>    http://www.swig.org/
>> Preferably, one should be able to choose creating a
>> port-program, linked-in driver, C-node interface.
>> It is up for grabs; anyone ?
> I have been working on it for some time.

would you please tell why you abandoned that approach and chose to
roll your own instead?

I wonder what options there are for C++. The obvious approach seems to
be to map classes to processes and method calls to sending a message
(and receiving one if the method has a type different from void). But
this only feels right for large objects.

For small objects, it may be appropiate to add one more option to the
list: BIF-Style. On the other hand, we may not want to go down that
road and also refrain from linked-in drivers whenever possible. After
all, fault isolation is a nice thing to have.

        Goodbyte, Gerd.
The last thing one knows in constructing a work is what to put first.
                -- Blaise Pascal

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