Announcing Dryverl: an Erlang-to-C binding compiler

Torbjorn Tornkvist <>
Fri May 26 11:22:56 CEST 2006

Very nice!
I'm eagerly awiting some nice documentation :-)

Cheers, Tobbe

Romain Lenglet wrote:
> Hi,
> This is an announcement for the creation of the Dryverl project.
> Dryverl is a compiler for Erlang-to-C bindings.
> Currently, it support the generation of bindings implemented as C 
> port drivers, but it will support also implementations as C port 
> programs and C nodes.
> This project is a rewrite of, and aims at continuing the EDTK 
> project, on a more flexible and efficient implementation base.
> More information on the project web pages.
> The web site is not yet finished, and I still have to make a 
> tarball, but the compiler is functionnal (cf. the XSL 
> stylesheets in the SVN repository), the binding specification 
> language is well specified in an XML Schema, and Dryverl 
> corresponds to an actual need currently discussed on the mailing 
> list. ;-)
> Any comments are welcome.

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