Language Bindings for Erlang

Jani Hakala jahakala@REDACTED
Fri May 26 07:04:25 CEST 2006

Jeff Crane <jefcrane@REDACTED> writes:

> From the erlang interoperability faq
> (,
> there's 4+ ways to write a C++ erl-message reader. 
> I want to forward messages from Erlang to and from a
> Python GUI via middleware. Would a C Port, C Node, or
> C Driver be more approriate?
There is a python library called py_interface:
 'The Py-Interface is a python-implementation of an Erlang node.'

It should be found from 

There's also CORBA modules included with erlang/otp that could be used
to send messages to C++ side (omniorb, TAO, other corba solutions
available). I haven't tested this approach myself.

Jani Hakala

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