Language Bindings for Erlang

Jeff Crane <>
Fri May 26 04:53:03 CEST 2006

--- Taavi Talvik <> wrote:
> Better to think how to glue to "some other tool most
> appropriate
> for my problem".

Um, like another language more appropriate to the
task? It's like C or Erlang are the only appropriate
tools, as far as responders are concerned. Logically
and practically incorrect. Of course OpenGL was used
by the Wings3D TEAM who have had copious amounts of
time to develop for and happen to SPECIALIZE in
graphical design. No surprise there.

%% Have to REALLY know C to use these, how is that 
%% appropriate for learning or TEACHING usable Erlang?
xlib == native implementation of X11 protocol
> even make generic binding to C language

I thought this is what I was asking about. Why would
port or inline driver be better than a C Node or
Erl_interface? They are all generic bindings to C!
What are the effective differences?

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