Language Bindings for Erlang

Jeff Crane jefcrane@REDACTED
Thu May 25 18:39:10 CEST 2006

>From the erlang interoperability faq
there's 4+ ways to write a C++ erl-message reader. 

I want to forward messages from Erlang to and from a
Python GUI via middleware. Would a C Port, C Node, or
C Driver be more approriate?

Also the FAQ is poor at describing how an
Erl_interface implementation differs from a C Node
since they both seem to use Erl_interface except that
the C Node seems overly complicated by comparison.

The C Linked Driver (also uses Erl_interface) is a
static driver which I *think* would be most
appropriate, but I would like some input, thx!

--- Mats Cronqvist <mats.cronqvist@REDACTED>

> > So the approach I would use is to write a C++
> program that reads
> > easily parsed instructions on stdin and writes
> events from input and
> > other things to stdout. From erlang you can then
> create a port that
> > starts this program, and you can communicate with
> it through the port.
> > Make a gen_server own the port and turn erlang
> terms into the "wire"
> > protocol.
> > 
>    gtkNode (@ does
> (basically) this. except with the 
> twist that the C program implements the erlang
> distribution protocol (a c-node 
> in erlang lingo). if gtk2 is good enough for your
> gui you can probably use it 
> right away.
>    mats

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