Dialyzer: report call to undefined function

Tobias Lindahl <>
Mon May 22 09:50:42 CEST 2006

Bengt Kleberg wrote:
> On 2006-05-20 13:01, Tobias Lindahl wrote:
> ...deleted
>> where Dialyzer can run in the background. We have been playing with 
>> the idea of keeping checksums for modules and pruning the plt based on 
>> this. In conjunction with keeping plt:s for subsystems and keeping 
>> track of dependencies, we shoud be able to squeeze the times quite a 
>> bit, but it 
> i thought that happens when setting DIALYZER_INIT_PLT to 
> $dialyzer_home/plt/dialyzer_otp_plt, and starting like this, the first 
> time:
> dialyzer --new_plt $plt_file
> then always afterwards use:
> dialyzer --init_plt $plt_file --new_plt $plt_file
> how does the above work otherwise?

The above is intended to be used to define an init plt for your own 
standard libraries. You should not re-analyze anything that already 
exists in the init plt, since the dependencies are not taken into 
account. Also, if you update your library you have to rebuild the plt.

In the current version of Dialyzer you can edit the Makefile and specify 
what otp-libraries you want to have in your plt (you can find more on 
this subject in the documentation). For these, the libs are checked 
every time Dialyzer starts and a new init plt is built if something has 


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