Erlang bittorrent tracker

Mattias Wadman mattias.wadman@REDACTED
Wed May 17 23:42:14 CEST 2006


I have for some time experimenting with a bittorrent tracker in erlang, 
and after seeing some discussions on the list about bittorrent i thought 
it probably time to let other interested people have a look at it.

Have not been tested very much, but have successfully been used to 
transfer filer between 5-6 computers running uTorrent and the official 
bittorrent client.

I uses yaws as HTTP server to handle client requests. It also has a web 
interface but not sure it will work with an unmodified yaws, have done a 
small modification to make it possible to generate leaf tags with 
attributes from ehtml (for example <link style="..."/> instead of <link 
style="..."><link/>. Tell me if you want the patch.

All kinds of comments are very welcome.


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