Erlog - a prolog interpreter written in, and for, Erlang

Robert Virding <>
Tue May 16 00:33:27 CEST 2006

One thing that I have always thought was missing in Erlang was a Prolog 
interpreter. I have now rectified that.

Erlog is a prolog interpreter written in Erlang that can be called from 
Erlang and can call Erlang. It is the perfect tool when you need a logic 
inference engine within your application. Now you can finally search ETS 
databases as God intended.

Erlog implements a subset, most of the good bits at least, of standard 
prolog and is reasonably conforming. It is easy to interface with the 
rest of Erlang as prolog terms have a very straightforward representation.

There is also a simple prolog parser based on Erlang tokens and a Yecc 
parser which is used for loading prolog programs. Note because of a bug 
in Yecc you cannot directly compile the .erl file generated by yecc. A 
fixed version is included.

There is also a man page describing the system, ad of course the code.

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