SNMP - issues to resolve before making a release

karol skocik karol.skocik@REDACTED
Fri May 12 10:44:12 CEST 2006

  we are before making a first release of our application, with SNMP
agent bundled in. Now, when I look into SNMP after some time spent on
working with Erlang SNMP lib, 3 issues comes to my mind, which are
quite important for me to know, before I tell my boss that evrything
works ok.

1. First, we have SNMP agent v3, with authentication and privacy, and
this means dependence on crypto library. However, SNMP app file does
not mention anything about crypto, and that's why it is needed to
explicitly write crypto into rel file, which is far from normal Erlang
elegancy. Is there any reason why it is so, or it is a "feature" ;)
?? Is there any way to fix it?

2. When I have changed something in configuration which looks like this :

[{snmp, [{agent,
          [{db_dir, "/var/lib/ipe"},
           {config, [{dir, "/etc/ipe"}]},
           {net_if, [{options, [{bind_to, false}]}]}]}]},
 {mnesia, [{dir, "/var/lib/ipe"}]},
 {yaws, [{embedded, true},
         {logdir, "/var/log/ipe"},
         {docroot, "/var/www/ipe"},
         {include_dir, ["/var/www/ipe"]},
         {listen, {0, 0, 0, 0}}]}

the change took always effect after restart, no matter that force_load
is false by default, and this means it should take config from
database - ignoring what is written in config file. Do I understand it
  In this context - what is the purpose of database in agent -
especially config database? Why not just load config from conf files +
config file?

3. Last but not least - when we change the machine address with our
product with SNMP agent, do we need to fix the intAgentIpAddress in
agent.conf to continue functioning?


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