Linus Thorvalds has stated something about microkernels and monolithic kernels

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> which is interested to read for Erlangers, IMHO. The 
>real link 
> is down (slashdotted due to
> but least this mirror:
> worked

Very interesting. What jumped to my eye is was Linus' 
"The whole argument that microkernels are somehow "more
secure" or "more stable" is also total crap. The fact that
each individual piece is simple and secure does not make
the aggregate either simple or secure."

Certainly Linux kernel is modularized to keep interactions 
simpler and
more stable? Or would it make any difference to make the
whole kernel was in just one giant function instead of 
composed of
numerous simpler functions... if little exaggeration is 
allowed ;)

But here's an interesting link concerning microkernels and 
isolation -
escpecially when considered Erlang in mind:

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