TCP interface process crashes with no death cry

Claes Wikstrom <>
Tue May 9 19:58:35 CEST 2006

BETIS Alexandre wrote:

> Here goes: we have a slow non-erlang TCP reader (it is slow because
> we are memory-analyzing it), and an erlang writer with big messages. 
> Apparently, when we reach the point where TCP buffers are full, the 
> erlang writer crashes (which is what we expected). 

This is not what is happening. The erlang process which
is writing will block.
If that process crashes, it's because of something else.
It is probably receiving an EXIT signal from somewhere else.

> The problem is that the erlang process seems to crash without
> emitting any 'EXIT' signal. 

Not likely,

> This shucks, because our erlang
> code is supposed to act on that. Has anyone ever encountered
> something similar and found the pit where the process' death 
> cry falls into?
> If not, will try to isolate the problem as a test case.

Try dbg:p(Pid, all) on the process while its writing


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