SNMP work with values in table but not with normal values

Eranga Udesh <>
Fri May 5 10:41:32 CEST 2006

I think you haven't loaded the MIB to the SNMP manager.

- Eranga

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Subject: SNMP work with values in table but not with normal values

  I hope somebody skilled in SNMP can explain me why I am getting this
strange behaviour.
I have MIB, funcs file, and module which contains the only one
instrumentation function
which returns {value, 10000}. This file is stripped version of file we
use to demonstrate
something what makes me worry.

  While I get right answer when I ask for the value of SNMP variable
from agent :
12> snmpa:get(snmp_master_agent, [[1,3,6,1,4,1,100000,1,10,0]]).

when I do it from another Erlang shell which acts as a manager it failes :
()6> snmpm:g("karol", {127,0,0,1}, 4000,
** SNMP M-NET-IF LOG: received send_pdu message with
   Pdu:     {pdu,'get-request',
   Vsn:     'version-1'
   MsgData: {"public",0}
   Addr:    {127,0,0,1}
   Port:    4000
** SNMP M-NET-IF MPD DEBUG: generate_v1_v2c_msg -> encode pdu
** SNMP M-NET-IF MPD DEBUG: generate_v1_v2c_outgoing_msg -> encode message
** SNMP M-NET-IF TRACE: handle_send_pdu -> message generated
** SNMP M-NET-IF DEBUG: sent 46 bytes to {127,0,0,1}:4000 [#Port<0.137>]
** SNMP M-NET-IF LOG: received 46 bytes from {127,0,0,1}:4000 [#Port<0.137>]
** SNMP M-NET-IF MPD DEBUG: process_v1_v2c_msg -> entry with
   Vsn:       'version-1'
   Addr:      {127,0,0,1}
   Port:      4000
   Community: "public"
   HS:        30
** SNMP M-NET-IF MPD TRACE: process_v1_v2c_msg -> PduMS: 454
** SNMP M-NET-IF MPD TRACE: process_v1_v2c_msg -> was a pdu
** SNMP M-NET-IF TRACE: received pdu

But the interesting point is, that I can query values in tables (this
is not in the example),
from both agent and manager shells.

I know that it worked before, but the code on my side is so minimal
(and working in agent),
that I can't really find out what is wrong. Plus values in tables work
ok. Strange.

I am sending a gzipped directory with both agent and manager code.
When it is unpacked
into /usr/local/src and the ebin path of agent is added to search
path, it should 'work'
as it is.

3> snmpa:load_mibs(["/usr/local/src/snmp_test/priv/mibs/MD-DVBH-MIB.bin"]).
10> code:add_patha("/usr/local/src/snmp_test/ebin").
11> l(snmp_agent).
12> snmpa:get(snmp_master_agent, [[1,3,6,1,4,1,100000,1,10,0]]).

now request in manager shell failes :
()6> snmpm:g("karol", {127,0,0,1}, 4000,
not found


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