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Andrae Muys <>
Wed May 3 11:41:35 CEST 2006

On 03/05/2006, at 7:29 PM, Leif Johansson wrote:

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>>> I am quite interested in update scalability too...
>> update?  The concept isn't particularly relevant to RDF.  You have
>> insert, read,  and delete, but individual statements don't have  
>> identity
>> so you can't update them.  This isn't a kowari thing, it's a  
>> property of
>> RDF inherited from description logic.
> I meant "write" performance actually: insert+delete.

Unfortunately our delete performance is not stellar.  The planned  
revision of the store layer that we anticipate providing at least one  
more order of magnitude in insert performance will also address  
this.  Unfortunately this is at least 9 months away, probably closer  
to 18.  Of course there is the added advantage that if your data- 
sources are already queryable then you might not have to insert at  
all, as we support pluggable resolvers that can provide a real-time  
interface to the rdf-mapping of external data.  We already support  
access to URL addressed rdf datasources, file-system metadata, mp3  
id3 tags, and various virtual graphs (xsd, data-type, and arithmatic).


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