mnesia and large blobs

Yariv Sadan yariv@REDACTED
Mon May 1 17:57:00 CEST 2006


I'm an Erlang/Mnesia newbie considering using Erlang for a future  
project. I would like to know how Mnesia's handling of large blobs  
and clobs compares to other RDBMS. I found an old discussion (from  
1999) about the topic at 
questions/199910/msg00059.html, where it was suggested that Mnesia  
doesn't handle large blobs well due to the slow rebuilding of the  
dets file in the event of a crash and due to the large replication  
cost between nodes. Does anyone know if these issues are still  
relevant? Does Mnesia now have better handling of these features than  
it used to? Any insight is appreciated.


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