concurrency(?) in rpc:multicall()

Thomas Lindgren thomasl_erlang@REDACTED
Tue Jun 27 15:09:52 CEST 2006

--- HP Wei <hp@REDACTED> wrote:

> According to the manual,
> "
>    It is semantically the same as iteratively making
> a series
>    of RPCs on all the nodes,
>    but the multicall is faster as all the requests
>    are sent at the same time...
> "
> I do NOT understand the last part:
> "
>    all the requests are sent at the same time
> "
> I trace the source code for rpc:multicall().
> It boils down to gen_server:send_nodes(),
> whose function head reads:
>    send_nodes([Node|Tail], ...)
> Apparently, multicall sends out the requests to the
> target processes 'one by one'  (not at the same
> time).
> Is there a typo in the manual for rpc:multicall()
> ???

I think the intent of the documentation is that
multicall first sends all the requests, then only
waits for the answers after all the requests have been


<send to A> 
<send to B>
<send to C>
<wait for all A,B,C in any order>

rather than the "iterative" approach that is mentioned
in the man page:

<send to A>
<wait for A>
<send to B>
<wait for B>
<send to C>
<wait for C>


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