Strings (was: Re: are Mnesia tables immutable?)

Andrew Lentvorski bsder@REDACTED
Tue Jun 27 00:24:13 CEST 2006

ke han wrote:
> (2) Given: all strings are in utf-8.  why, because its a good "one size 
> fits almost all" format.  This mean all strings in mnesia, yaws files, 
> templates, "foreign language lookup strings" etc.. are in utf-8.

UTF-8 is a pretty bad choice for most Asian languages in terms of size.

*However*, UTF-8 is very good for being compatible.  If I build UTF-8 
strings in Erlang, they survive all of the programmatic alterations.  I 
don't believe that the interactive shell can enter them, though.

In addition, UTF-8 is very detectable.  It looks like ASCII, or it looks 
like UTF-8 and nothing else, by and large.


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