SUN ONC/RPC over IPv6 (with jungerl rpc lib)

Daniel wiik daniel.n.wiik@REDACTED
Mon Jun 26 17:15:49 CEST 2006


Has anyone tried to implement IPv6 support for the SUN ONC/RPC
application in jungerl?

My initial attempt (adding option inet6 to gen_tcp calls when IPv6
addresses are used) wasn't very succesful. When the pmap application
tries to talk to the Solaris portmapper on port 111 the application
fails and reports {'PROG_MISMATCH', 2, 4} which I (without to much
investigation) have assumed is either because there is some
packing/unpacking problem in the erlang implementation of rpc when
using IPv6 addresses or it is because SUN assumes that you should use
the rpcbind instead of portmapper protocol when you want to
communication over IPv6 and hasn't implemented any IPv6 support in the
portmapper protocol.

When googling for info I found RFC 1833 (which includes XDR
specifications for portmapper and rpcbind) so I thought to myself that
it shouldn't be that difficult to rewrite the rpc application to use
rpcbind instead of portmapper.  Unfortunately the xdr compiler
included in the rpc application failed to compile the rpcbind
specification, to my best guess due to a struct definition that is
recursive (the definition for struct rp__list contains references to

Any info that could help me move forward in the implementation of IPv6
support for my rpc protocol would be very appreciated.

Best regards,
Daniel Wiik

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