R11B-0 dialyzer internal error

Tobias Lindahl Tobias.Lindahl@REDACTED
Mon Jun 26 10:56:58 CEST 2006

During the make Dialyzer builds the dialyzer_init_plt. It also records a 
md5-sum of the included files. A make install moves files around, but 
this should not really change anything. Dialyzer should not have to 
write to the dialyzer_init_plt unless some of the analyzed files are 
changed, so there should be no reason for it to write to the plt just 
because of a make install.

I will have a look at what is happening. I guess I really have to do a 
make install at some point anyway...


Fredrik Thulin wrote:
> On Thursday 22 June 2006 22:53, Roger Larsson wrote:
> ...
>>A dialyze run as root fixes the problem.
>>>Should an initial dialyzer run be made in the "make install"?
>>Should it?
> Yes, I think it should - or the path to the PLT should include $HOME.
> /Fredrik

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