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Gaspar Chilingarov nm@REDACTED
Mon Jun 26 08:26:13 CEST 2006

ke han wrote:

>> 1. Will be hosted on a linux machine. Does anyone have any notes on
>> performance of Erlang and also Yaws on different 'brands' of linux.
> I bring up freeBSD 6.1 because I have it found it a much more carefully
> managed _server_ OS than any of the major linux distros.

  as old freebsd admin I will fully agree :)

>> 2. I will want to have use a distributed filesystem instead of
>> database to access data. Any good recommendations in this context.
>> Database will still probably be used to hold pointers to specific data
>> but data will be in filesystem.
> I have similar needs in the near future.  My desire is to use mensia for
> my main OLTP data store and have a filesystem store for documents.  I
> need full text search and easy admin for this file system document
> store.  If you find a product that does this, please let me know.
> good luck, ke han

what about ?

in other hand - it seems that creating distributed storage using erlang
to monitor fs and transfer files on demand seems to be not so difficult
-- especially if you can prohibit concurrent updates for same file on
different nodes - to avoid all conflicts and conflict resolution logic.

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