any recommendation for tutorials on functional programming

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> One point which people haven't mentioned is that it is not a good idea
to point beginners, who wish to learn 
> Erlang to texts that tell you how to learn *other* FPLs.

In fairness, the original call for assistance was: "Anybody knows some
good tutorial on functional programmming languages (and if specific to
erlang, even better)." Which I would put in slightly different bin than
the "I want to learn Erlang" category, i.e. the requester having
problems wrapping his head around the whole functional "thing" as in
"what/how can I think about doing stuff with this."

At that level I wouldn't necessarily rule out e.g. the O'Caml book, as
it shares enough features (pattern matching, strict evaluation) that
enough tricks could be picked up to get used to the paradigm. Not that
it's ideal, that's a given. 

I'm assuming here of course that we're talking about someone who is new
to functional programming, not programming per se.

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