Thesis Presentations / Erlang Robocup Experiences (London, 21/6 @ 1700)

Francesco Cesarini francesco@REDACTED
Fri Jun 16 01:25:47 CEST 2006

It is that time of the year again :-) You are all invited to attend two 
thesis presentations and a talk on the Erlang "Funny Golf" robot on 
Wednesday June 21st. The subjects covered include:

A Metrics for Evaluating Web Components in Erlang
While Erlang as a language has many of the features desirable in web 
based applications, it lacks many of the reusable libraries and 
components (either vendor specific or open source) readily available in 
Perl and PhP. Lukas has been developing web components in Erlang for a 
few months now, and in conjunction with it, has developed a metric for 
evaluating their complexity, and hence, their reusability.

Evaluation of DBMS Systems for Erlang
Mnesia is lacking in several important areas to consider when 
implementing systems with large scalability requirements. Based on a 
study examining the requirements of Erlang developers,  Emil studied 
four open source databases, their features, and and their 
interoperability with Erlang, using AHP to evaluate them. The result is 
a paper helping Erlang developers who have scalbility requirements 
mnesia can't handle pick the one best one based on their requirements.

Experiences at the Eurobot competition
The Computer and Telecommunication Engineering department of the 
University of Catania (Italy), headed by Corrado Santoro built a 
"powered by Erlang" robot who recently competed in a competition of 
"Funny Golf" against other international solutions.  They came second in 
the Italian qualifiers and 37th in the overall competition. Corrado will 
be giving a brief talk on the competition, sharing his experiences in 
the project and the suitability of Erlang in robotics.

We will be starting at 17.00 in Erlang Training & Consulting's London 
office.  Drop me a line if you are planing to attend so we can plan the 
refreshments. For those of you who can't make it, we hope to have the 
thesis online soon. Directions and conact details are here


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