socket options

Yani Dzhurov yani.dzhurov@REDACTED
Fri Jun 9 13:53:00 CEST 2006

I've been reading through the documentation of inet module, trying to get
familiar with all tcp socket options.

There is sth I don't understand for this one:


{packet_size, Integer} (TCP/IP sockets) 

Sets the max allowed length of the packet body. If the packet header
indicates that the length of the packet is longer than the max allowed
length, the packet is considered invalid. The same happens if the packet
header is too big for the socket receive buffer.


What does "considered invalid" mean? Is the packet just discarded? Or cause
some error - socket closure for example?

Also what happens when the receive buffer is full? May this cause some
socket error also? Or just waits until any data is read from the buffer and
move on receiving from its peer?





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