FW: Erlang R9C-2 NODE stops accepting new connections

Valentin Micic [ MTN - Innovation Centre ] Micic_V@REDACTED
Wed Jun 7 13:23:22 CEST 2006


Thanks for the effort.

Yes, this is related to listening port, but no, it is not my port,
rather the one created by the listener that is servicing incoming
connections from other Erlang nodes.

There is no doubt in my mind that a new connection requests are not
accepted by this listener and/or associated process. The code for this
listener start-up and its registration with epmd is contained in
"inet_tcp_dist", but I can only speculate as to what is causing the
problem (might just as well be a SOLARIS feature, I've seen it before
with telnet daemon).

What I'd like (or am dying) to find out is how to work around this
problem. For example, is there any way to terminate this listener, and
start a new one without shutting the whole node down?


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> People, I'm getting desperate here... anyone from
> ERLANG development
> team care to comment?

I'm not an OTP developer but ...

Looking at the source of R11B
(erts/emulator/beam/io.c, input_ready() ), it seems as
if data has arrived on a port but the status field of
the port is 'FREE'. Then driver_select() is called,
presumably to clear the event.

So, it looks like the port is marked as free but the
corresponding file descriptor has not been closed. At
least that's my best guess. There should thus be some
code path where error handling is incomplete. (Either
the port should not be freed or the fd should be
closed.) This occurs for your listen port?


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