Language Bindings for Erlang Again (Opinion)

Jeff Crane jefcrane@REDACTED
Tue Jun 6 18:19:34 CEST 2006

> I'm not sure small, standalone programs fit the
> problem domain Erlang is
> best suited for.

Hence, it's not a utopian language. I'm not sure there
is one, but it's definitely not Erlang.

> > The amount of Erlang the average programmer (me)
> needs to write to perform
> > the same work as 12 lines of ASP, is beyond
> reasonable.
> I'm pretty sure that the ASP and Erlang don't
> qualify as solutions in the same
> problem domain.

Sure they do. They are both turing complete languages.
Erlang is not the best choice, in solving one of the
most common "simple" problems.

> > The difficulty in bridging to other languages is
> what
> > stifles adoption within my peer group. I have no
> > examples of Erlang binding nicely to anything but
> C++.
> J-interface for Java? PyErlang for Python?
> Erl_interface/ei for C/C++?
> You can find information about these off the Erlang
> website and after about
> 30 seconds on google.
> We use J-interface and erl_interface/ei both in
> production with great success.

I suggest you do any manner of search for Erlang,
binding, language, interface and then get back to me
with what page J-interface comes up on. Your attitude
is rather silly. That being said, J-interface is a
GREAT way to put a GUI face on Erlang. PyErlang is not
maintained...not even sure what version it supported.
Erl_interface/C++/C-port is redundant. They are
different approaches to an Erlang-C++ binding.
> I googled for "erlang python binding" and the first
> entry returned was:
> That said I don't know much about it. I also didn't
> bother to see what other
> links were returned (but then again it isn't a
> problem that I personally am
> trying to solve).

PyErlang is not useable. It's a lot like looking up
Extraterrestrial Babies in Google and pointing "There,
see! All you had to do was type it in Google to see it
exists." I am being serious when I am talking about
the problems or Erlang needing bindings.

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