Language Bindings for Erlang Again

Thomas Lindgren thomasl_erlang@REDACTED
Mon Jun 5 12:44:26 CEST 2006

--- Michel Urvoy <michel.urvoy@REDACTED> wrote:

> 2006/6/3, Thomas Lindgren
> <thomasl_erlang@REDACTED>:
> >
> > Look harder.
> Right, I found one real commercial site, a bank:

Just the Nortel SSL-VPN product has delivered
thousands of commercial intranet sites, written in
Erlang and Yaws.

> > > And the choice of Erlang (+C) and nothing else
> is
> > > not very easy when
> > > you have on the shelf a lot of code you will not
> be
> > > able to reuse.
> >
> > If that's what you believe, maybe you should read
> the
> > documentation a bit more closely.
> >
> Right again, there is the java node interface
> (Jinterface), but my
> purpose was more to reuse old Pascal or Fortran
> code.

You can find plenty of other interfacing code if you
look, including Orber (CORBA), Comet (COM), erl
interface, IC, ...

If you want to wrap Pascal or Fortran, then you can
integrate at different points by communication via
pipes, writing a C-node wrapper, or writing an Erlang

> > > Furthermore I should be able to use the hot
> > > replacement code mechanism
> > > on the two nodes to update the foreign code.
> >
> > Hot code loading for other languages is not an
> Erlang
> > issue.
> If you say so! But it could be. I've not seen in the
> documentation it was not.

How could it be? Most languages don't even have a
semantics for hot code loading.

> > Basically, it sounds like you are inventing
> > problems
> > where there aren't any. Why?
> I'm sorry Thomas, I've no answer for this point, but
> your question is
> a kind of answer to my Erlang paradox.

In other words, you strongly feel that Erlang would be
used (much?) more if there was even more support for
wrapping arbitrary libraries than today? Or if Erlang
somehow implemented hot code loading for arbitrary

Well, if you enjoy working on interfacing, why not
join the recently started Dryverl project? As to
general hot code loading, this seems still to be very
much a research topic. Here are a couple of pointers:

Or why not have a look at how to improve/extend hot
code loading in Erlang itself?


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