Non-free documentation in the Erlang distribution

Francois-Denis Gonthier neumann@REDACTED
Mon Jun 5 01:24:55 CEST 2006

Hello all,

It has been brought to our attention that a file currently distributed with 
Erlang documentation has been deemed non-free, meaning that they should be 
removed from the main repository of Debian, and most likely other 
distributions like Ubuntu.

One of the file for which the problem has been confirmed is rfc3015.txt from 
the Megaco documentation.  See bug 365175 [1] on Debian.

Another file is suspected to be non-free by a part of the packaging team.   
implementors_guide_v6.pdf, in the same directory as the previous file, might 
not be freely redistributable. The copyright [2] indeed seems restrictive.

If those file are not required in the distribution, it would probably be good 
for a Linux packaging teams that those files got removed.  We have to remove 
it ourselves anyway or erlang-doc-html would have to go to the "non-free" 


Thank you.

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