Language Bindings for Erlang Again

Jilani Khaldi jilani.khaldi1@REDACTED
Sat Jun 3 10:21:50 CEST 2006

> I think Erlang would get much more popular if it had a framework
> similar to Ruby on Rails. Before Ruby on Rails, relatively few
> programmers have used Ruby, but the success of Ruby on Rails  has made
> the Ruby language quite popular. I think the same can happen with
> Erlang if Erlang had such a framework.

Ruby has above all an easy, elegant and nice way to be extended with 
C/C++ language, this is the true success key of Ruby. You can easily use 
the huge C/C++ code libraries and for this reason it is even used with 
success in scientific computation 
( You can write everything in 
Ruby and for particular need, write it easily in C/C++ without going banana.

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