QuickCheck tool for Erlang

Gordon Guthrie gordonguthrie@REDACTED
Thu Jun 1 12:53:12 CEST 2006


Also in jungerl is my erlang_automated_build which is a shell script designed 
to manage a testing pipeline.

It is designed to automate some or all of the following:
* clean checking out of code from CVS
* run a full set of test cases using the standard test server
* run the Dialyzer against the code base
* run a Tsunami load test

It also calls user-defined pre- and post-stage batch jobs to set-up and tear 
down the different sort of tests as appropriate.

It marshalls these results and graphs them up to give a change/testing 

I am currently writing a spider test that will spider an app and check for 
broken links/404's/etc and particularly yaws crashes on a web site. In the 
fullness of time (ie when it is less lame than it currently is) it will be 
integrated into the erlang_automated_build and stuck in Sourceforge as well.


Quoting zubi <mrzullo@REDACTED>:

> Hi all, 
> I am currently doing research on automated testing for Erlang programs. For
> this I have been looking at many potential techniques that can aid this
> process. QuickCheck for Erlang seems to be an excellent tool, but that is not
> publicly available. Can anybody help me in getting that. Also any comments on
> testing for Erlang are most welcome.
> Many thanks,
> Zubair

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