CATCHA was Re: Erlang port to the Java Virtual Machine

Gordon Guthrie gordonguthrie@REDACTED
Thu Jun 1 12:52:52 CEST 2006

Quoting Yariv Sadan <yarivvv@REDACTED>:

> (...) if you
> already have an application with a presentation layer written in
> Erlang, and you want to make use of some Java library for a small part
> of the application (for example, CAPTCHA generation, for which I don't
> think Erlang has a library), it would be advantageous to expose the
> Java api to Erlang via an easy-to-use rpc wrapper.

Getting a CATCHA into yaws is something I have been looking at as well in a 
desultory sort of fashion...

It seems to me that C would probably be the language of choice - the 
selection/response of text for obsfuction part would be straight forward in 
Erlang, but the graphical munginess and distortion/colourbanding of fonts-as-
beziers must be a solved problem in some C library - but which one?

Any thoughts from someone less idle than me would be welcome ;->


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