Erlang standard library quirks

Dominic Williams xpdoka@REDACTED
Tue Jan 31 13:51:19 CET 2006

Hi Richard,

> It's not something that I'd want to do all on my own, though.
> Volounteers would be needed, both to port old library code and/or
> write wrapper functions, test things, argue about module and function
> names, and so on. The code could be put on sourceforge or similar.
> There would necessarily be a fairly long period of testing before
> it could be declared stable, so you couldn't start relying on its
> functions for serious work immediately, but it's a start.
> Any takers?

I might be interested (I care a lot about good, consistent naming and
very much prefer the error handling approach you outlined)... the
only problem is that I am completely opposed to the use of packages.

Dominic Williams


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