[erlang-questions] FW: Invalid data on distribution channel

Bob Cowdery Bob.Cowdery@REDACTED
Fri Dec 22 19:38:14 CET 2006

Oops. My fault entirely. The messages in the Q were not the messages I was processing they were gash messages because I forgot (a) to have a default message clause and (b) not reply from my port when no reply was expected. It now keeps up which actually I never expected it to do without some tuning.

>>Yep, such problems may be tricky... Good luck!

Well, after much head scratching I've got it stable. Bad idea to send messages from inside a callback function, even very small ones like just {sync} to set off the process. It's still dog slow, it's been running a few minutes and there are over 5000 queued messages but at least it stays up long enough to find out why?


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