[erlang-questions] Fix width integer computations

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Thu Dec 21 10:31:52 CET 2006


 I have a C program that has a line of code like this:

 mx = (z>>5 ^ y<<2) + (y>>3 ^ z<<4) ^ (sum^y) + (k[p&3 ^ e] ^ z);

 All the variables are unsigned long

 How do I code this in Erlang?

 First thoughts:

   transcribe X >> N as trim(X bsl N)
              X << N as trim(X bsr N)
              X + Y  as trim(X + Y)
              X ^ Y  as X bxor Y
        where trim(X) = X band 16#ffffffff

   Is this correct? - The result must be bit identical to the C code,
   how many of the trims can I eliminate?

   A nieve translation of  (y>>3 ^ z<<4)

   is trim(Y bsr 3) bxor trim(Z bsl 4)

   identical to trim((Y bsr 3) bxor (Z bsl 4)) ????


(And for ten extra brownie points: identify the algorithm :-)
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