[erlang-questions] Sponsoring: Looking for a Windows network developer

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond@REDACTED
Sat Dec 16 14:48:55 CET 2006


We are looking for a Windows network developer to analyse the Erlang  
enotsock problem on some Windows XP installation and provide a fix.

On some Windows XP Erlang system, Erlang cannot start in distributed  
mode nor listen to a socket, consistently failing with a enotsock error.
What is strange is that some other environment works well on the same  
machine and some other programs in other programming languages can  
bind the socket (on the same port).

Some reference on the trouble:

That's why we would like to sponsor a work to find a solution to this  
bug that limit the growth of Erlang.

Please, contact me privately if you are interested.

We will post result and progress on the Erlang mailing list.

Thank you !

Mickaël Rémond

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