[erlang-questions] Keep multiple erlang releases in the same mechine

Serge Aleynikov serge@REDACTED
Thu Dec 14 15:20:49 CET 2006

You can give the "--prefix=PATH" option to the configure script.  This 
will ensure that when you do "make install", Erlang will be installed in 
a location different from default.

As we switch between releases often, we usually do it such that releases 
go to:


and also create a link to the most recent release:

ln -s /opt/erlang/R11B-2 /opt/erlang/current

Then the programs such as /usr/local/bin/erl can be pointed to:



Whenever you need to switch between releases you repoint 
/opt/erlang/current to a different directory underneath /opt/erlang.

Perhaps others use different approaches but this one works well for us.



Sanjaya Vitharana wrote:
> Hi All,
> How to keep multiple erlang releases (R11B-2, R10B-10, R10B-8, ...etc) in the same mechine ??? i.e Install, Compile code with different releases and running the right executable. Are there any place to get more information related to this ??
> Thanks in advance.
> Sanjaya Vitharana

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