[erlang-questions] newbie question of if guards

Chris Rathman Chris.Rathman@REDACTED
Mon Dec 11 06:12:01 CET 2006

That will do what I need it to do.  The help is appreciated.

I've finished chapter #1 of the SICP in Erlang translation for any that 
care to give any feedback.  Code is on a wiki, so feel free to correct it.

Chris Rathman

Hal Snyder wrote:
> ...
>     Sqrt_Iter =
>        fun (Guess,G) ->
>           case (Good_Enough(Guess)) of
>              true -> Guess;
>              false -> G(Improve(Guess),G)
>           end
>        end,
>     Sqrt_Iter(1.0, Sqrt_Iter).

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