[erlang-questions] EUC presentation - Pure Erlang faster than Erlang/C?

Eduardo Figoli (INS) eduardo@REDACTED
Mon Dec 11 01:52:11 CET 2006



I have read this year EUC presentation slides,

Comparing C++ and Erlang for Motorola Telecoms Software.   
Henry Nyström, Erlang Training and Consulting, Sweden.


My concern is about the comparison between Erlang and C, which results in
Pure Erlang been faster than C++ and Erlang/C. 

Is this really true when dealing with soft real time systems (telco apps) ? 


I’ve been developing telco applications (in Erlang and C/C++) and always
taking the best of both worlds to achieve high performance.


As I haven’t been in EUC’06 perhaps I’ve missed something more said during
the conference, so I’d like to hear the Erlang community experience about
this topic; any comments. 

Regards, Eduardo



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