[erlang-questions] mnesia key from row index?

Bengt Kleberg bengt.kleberg@REDACTED
Fri Dec 8 14:00:43 CET 2006


mnesia:snmp_get_mnesia_key/2 will get an existing mnesia key from a snmp 
row index. i have failed to find a function that gives me a mnesia key 
for a snmp row index that is not in the table (yet).

i would have expected it in snmp_generic, but there is no such thing 

has anybody else seen such a function?

after having found to_lower/1 in httpd_util i know better than to rule 
out the existence of such a function just because it is not where i 
would have expected it :-)

    EPO guidelines 1978: "If the contribution to the known art resides
    solely in a computer program then the subject matter is not
    patentable in whatever manner it may be presented in the claims."

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